APUBEF - Fall 2003

Association of Pennsylvania University Business and Economics Faculty


Personality: What It Takes to be an Accountant 
William E. Bealing, Jr., Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Richard L. Baker, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Charles J. Russo, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Distance Education- Fad or Paradigm Shift
Jerry Belloit, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

How Immaterial is Immaterial? A Pilot Study 
Gregory P. Cermignano, Widener University
Joseph M. Hargadon, Widener University
David Contarino, Widener University 2003 Graduate

History Repeating Itself: The Debate Over Accounting For Stock Options
Awarded The APUBEF 2003 Best Paper
Michael P. Coyne, Bucknell University

Housing the Elderly: Prospects and Challanges
Abbas Mamoozadeh, Slippery Rock University
Jerry Belloit, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Crazy Eddie (Revisited)  
Duane Ponko,Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Germain P. Kline,Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jerry Joseph, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Economics: Developments and Direction  
Kevin J. Roth, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Transformation of supply Chain Management Challanges into Business Opportunities 
Germaine H. Saad, Widener University

Implementation of a Paralegal Distance Education Program: Opportunities and Challanges
Frank Shepard, Clarion University
Jerry Belloit, Clarion University

Active Teaching/active learning in Economics
Edward J. Sullivan, Lebanon Valley College

Environmental Insurance Basics
Stephen D. Willits, Bucknell University